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Moon Phase Pillar Candles

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Made with 100% soy wax our moon phase pillar candle is the perfect accent piece for your home or altar. This gorgeous and highly detailed pillar candle depicts all the phases of the moon and comes in black or white. It can also be used for those practicing Wicca, altars, spell work, witchcraft rituals, coven member gifts and more. 

Candle Scent Descriptions:

"New Moon" - (black) Top notes of petitgrain and ozone give way to middle notes of sea salt, plum, and eucalyptus while base notes of powder, sandalwood, and dark musk round out this crisp airy fragrance.

"Full Moon" - (white) Crisp ozonic top notes blend into mid notes of sea salt, lush green leaves, and intoxicating freesia all resting on a relaxing base of tonka bean, amber, and a hint of musk.


Height - 4.75" 

Width - 1.75"

Weight - 6oz

Recommended burn time per session 1-2 hrs. If left to burn for longer than 1 - 2 hours the candle may start to drip causing the wick to burn through the candle faster.  Check wax pool frequently for proper burning. When burning, please place in a fireproof safe dish or bowl, or a glass candle vessel.